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We provide cost-effective e-commerce shots, ideal for any website to list products from mannequin to model and still life accessories, usually consisting of 3 images: a front, back and details. 360 degree interactive accessory shots are also available, some examples are: Bag, Cufflinks.

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Whether its studio or location we provide stunning fashion photography to really make a statement, suited to any format.

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With a wealth of creative experience, we can offer a unique approach to any photography brief.

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Who We Are

We are a creative photography studio based in Yorkshire, England. Working with clients closely on design from initial concepts through to final production. From high end products to fashion photography, we specialise in model, mannequin, 360 degree, location, food & beverages, property, room sets & e-commerce.

Case Studies

Goldsmiths - Required a particular animated approach to merchandising jewellery View

EWM Destination Sites - Wanted to relaunch websites with a fresh direction in photography including drone footage View

Jaeger - Needed discrete video footage at high-end press days then edited down to be included in future presentations View

Ponden Home - Delayed stock arrival required a quick turnaround on room set photography running 2/3 sets simultaneously View

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Stuart Murray

Smudge Studio
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